3 Ways to Track Assignments or Tasks in Your Workspace

There’s nothing like knocking off a task on your to-do list.

Creating to-do lists in a workspace is simple and allows you to access your lists from any device - meaning there’s no excuse to blame a missed assignment on a lost notebook.

Use your personal workspace to virtually jot down monthly, weekly, or daily tasks to keep you on track and organized.

Here are three different ways you can track tasks in your workspace:

To-Do List Template for General Task Tracking :template:

The To-Do List template is a great way to organize general tasks you must accomplish during any period – monthly, weekly, or daily.

Use notecards to jot down individual tasks and sort your tasks based on priority. You can change the color of the notecards to visualize your task priorities better. Move the notecards to the stage they’re in until the task is complete.

Use the Kanban Swimlanes Template to Track Course Assignments :template:

Use the Kanban Swimlanes template to organize your tasks for each course. This is a great way to visualize upcoming coursework and due dates.

Change the titles on the template and add notecards to represent each assignment. Move the notecards to the stage the assignment is in and change the color to match each stage. Keep track of all your assignments as you progress throughout your semester using this template.

Keep it Simple with a Checklist

Create your checklist by adding a new canvas to your workspace. Name your checklist and add shapes and text to represent each task. Once a task is complete, use a checkmark icon or the pen tool to mark your task as complete. Nothing wrong with going back to basics.

Create your task tracker and share which method worked best for you.

Now, try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: