Visualize Your Work Process with these Swimlanes 🏊‍♀️


Projects or processes involving multiple people creates more opportunity for miscommunication and poor organization. Using a swimlanes template to map out all roles, responsibilities, and timelines helps provide a clear operational picture and reduce confusion about the tasks.

List which departments, teams, or individuals are involved, adding one name per lane. Define your responsibility flow with shapes :shapes: for each lane or cross-lane from start to finish.

Tip: Use line connectors to connect your objects.

Kanban Swimlanes

A Kanban swimlane template combines a Kanban board with a swimlanes diagram. This agile method makes it simple to track the tasks each team is responsible for by moving tasks through the different statuses as each is worked on and then completed.

Three vertical columns represent the status of each task needed to complete a project:

  1. Requested
  2. In-Progress
  3. Done

Each row (or swimlane) represents a department, team, or team member involved in the project. You can use the notecards :notecard: provided to map and define who is responsible for what task.

Based on the status of each task, it is up to the swimlane owner to update the progress of their tasks.

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