Adding and Modifying Lines and Routing

Adding lines

The line tool allows you to add free-standing lines in your workspace or attach lines to objects.

To add a line to your workspace:

  1. Select :line: (Line) from the workspace toolbar.

  2. Click and drag to draw your line. Once you release, the line is placed, and a toolbar appears.

    Note: Hold down the Shift key to draw a straight line, then click and drag to draw your line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

  3. To extend or modify the length or direction of your line, use :select: (Select) and the circular anchor points on the line.
    Manipulating free-standing lines
    BluePro Tip: The anchor points also allow you to adjust line routing, making diagramming a breeze.
    Modifying lines

  4. Use the line toolbar to pin, modify the appearance of your line, and perform other actions, such as layering.

Line toolbar (left to right):

The line toolbar allows you to customize the appearance of your line.

Expand to learn more about all options available in the Line Toolbar.
Icon Description
:start_type: Line type that may be used to begin a workflow or diagram.
:end_type: Line type that may be used to end a workflow or diagram.
:text_color: Choose the color of the selected line.
:line: Designate a Line Style, Line Width, and Line Routing.
More Options
  • Style - Allows you to choose a line type, such as solid or dashed.
  • Weight - Allows you to access a slider that provides a range of line weights or thicknesses. You can move the slider gradually left or right to adjust the thickness of the selected line.
  • Routing - Allows you to choose a line type that is rounded, squared, or straight.
:text: Add/edit line text.
:quick_connect: Attach an object to the line’s endpoint.
:pin: Locks the line to its current workspace location.
:more_options: Access additional actions such as Layer, Duplicate , Delete , Export , and view Properties.

Modify multiple lines simultaneously

You can modify the style of multiple lines simultaneously.

  1. Add several lines to a workspace.

  2. Highlight the lines you want to modify using :select_blue_: (Select) and left-selecting and dragging.

  3. Once your lines are selected, the line toolbar appears. Select :line: (Line options).

  4. Apply changes to line style, weight, and routing.
    Modifying multiple lines

Adding text to lines

Users can add text to lines, specifically advantageous when diagramming processes.

  1. Select the line you would like to add text to.

  2. Select :text: from the line toolbar.

  3. A text box will appear in the center of your line. Enter your text.

  4. Apply your updates by selecting away from the text box.
    Adding text to lines

Adjusting text box placement

  1. Select the line text that requires adjustment.

  2. Select and drag the text along the line to the desired position.

Editing or removing text from lines

  1. Select the line that has text you want to remove.

  2. Select :text: (Text) on the Line toolbar.

  3. Using your cursor, select the text you would like to edit and use the text toolbar options to update your text. To remove all text, select all of the text in the editing box and press Backspace or Delete using your keyboard.

  4. Apply your updates by selecting away from the text box.

Quick connect shapes

Quick connect allows you to add and connect subsequent shapes simultaneously.

  1. Select any blue anchor point surrounding a shape. A duplicate of the original shape appears a short distance from the edge you selected connected by a line.
    Quick connect shapes
  2. Repeat as needed or begin customizing the connected shapes.

Connecting other objects

You can connect lines to workspace objects like text and icons.

  1. Place two or more objects in your workspace.

  2. Select :line: (Line) or use select the blue nodes on the side of one object.

  3. Drag the line between the two objects.

Enabling or disabling ‘Snap to’

When adding a line to a workspace and connecting it to an already placed object, by default, the line uses Snap to to connect to specific areas around the object’s border, as shown below.

You can disable Snap to by holding down Ctrl (Windows) or CMD (Mac OS) on your keyboard and guiding your line to an exact area within the borders of your object.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home:

If you intend to export diagrams where you have added text to a line by invoking the menu option that appears below the connector line, the export to PDF does not include the text. Bluescape is looking further into this item and will update here.

The alternative is to add Text by invoking “T” from the left toolbar menu to add text to your connector lines.