September 2023 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team. If you’re unsure whether your team has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday, September 14 after 9 pm PST for impacted teams.


Ability to change the border style of shapes

Demo on changing the border style of a shape

Easily change the border style of shapes in Bluescape by selecting a shape (or multiple shapes simultaneously) and defining the desired style and border thickness from the object toolbar.

Learn more: Adding Basic Shapes to a Workspace

Lock aspect ratio

Lock the aspect ratio when resizing an object

Now, you can lock the aspect ratio when resizing an object, enabling you to create and size diagrams and workflows more efficiently.

Learn more: Maintain Aspect Ratio when Resizing

Workspace reassignment

Team administrators can re-assign multiple workspaces to themselves or their approved delegate using the improved workspace reassignment function in Bluescape Home.

Learn More: Using the Workspace Reassignment Tool

Pixel display during object resizing

The pixel count now appears near the selected anchorpoint when resizing an object

The pixel size of an object is now displayed next to your cursor as you drag to re-size it. This gives you more precise control over the size adjustments, resulting in improved image manipulation.

Learn More: Resizing an Object Using Pixel Count

Modify multiple line styles simultaneously

You can now make style updates to multiple lines simultaneously

Instead of selecting and editing each line individually, you can now select multiple lines and apply desired style updates simultaneously for improved efficiency.

Learn more: Adding and Modifying Lines and Routing

Helpful Hints from Bluescape :bulb:

A friendly tip to give you a flying start and a faster finish!

Find out which feature is best for you - Comparing Comments and Notecards for Workspace Feedback.

Comments and notecards are two powerful tools that help facilitate dialogue between collaborators in a workspace. Each feature has benefits and capabilities for leaving feedback, questions, and suggestions.

Beta Information

Beta: Popsync Endless Discovery

Popsync Endless Discovery

Discover a new way to search, save, and browse images with Popsync’s Endless Discovery concept. It creates an immersive experience, with contextual filtering for similar images, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Improvements & Notable Bug Fixes

Update to Popsync image search menu

Bluescape has changed the user interface by relocating the Popsync image search icon, affectionately known as “Poppy,” from the workspace toolbar to the top of the workspace. Access the image search functionality with ease from its new location.

Bing Images added as Popsync image search provider

When you perform a Popsync image search, you can access Bing images as a default image search provider.

Update to Social Share function

The accessibility of social share features in Bluescape has been optimized by relocating it to the overflow menu for canvases, images, and smart grids, ensuring a streamlined user experience.

Keyboard content placement

We have enhanced the accessibility of Bluescape by introducing a keyboard option for content placement. You can easily position lines, shapes, icons, notecards, and text boxes using the ENTER key, ensuring an optimized experience.

Learn more: Keyboard Shortcuts

Bluescape version information in the About tab

We heard your feedback! We’ve added your current version information for Bluescape in the About tab in the Web browser.

:bug: Bug Fix: Image Cropping frame stays in image frame in crop mode

This update/version resolves an issue where, when adding an image and attempting to crop the image, moving the image around the screen caused the dashed line to be out of the image frame when in crop mode.

Learn more: Dashed Line is Out of the Image Frame when in Crop Mode

:bug: Bug Fix: Hidden canvas stays hidden when updating canvas color or border

In previous versions of Bluescape, if you hid a canvas and then attempted to change the border or color of the canvas, the canvas would become a “normal” canvas and no longer be hidden. This is resolved in this release of Bluesacpe.

Learn more: Hidden Canvas Becomes Normal Canvas when Update the Canvas Border/Color

:bug: Bug Fix: Meeting follower can take control of a workspace with one click

We’ve corrected an issue where a follower had to select the Lead button twice when attempting to lead a workspace.

Learn more: Follower Must Press Lead Button Twice when Taking Control of a Workspace

:bug: Bug Fix: Non-facilitators no longer see deleted canvases

Previously, non-facilitators could see a deleted canvas in a workspace. This issue is resolved in this release.

Learn more: Non-Facilitators Continue to See Deleted Hidden Canvas

:bug: Bug Fix: Users can see all teams in personal meeting lobby when using Android devices

We’ve corrected an issue where Android users were unable to see all teams in the personal meeting lobby when using an Android device.

Learn more: Unable to Scroll to See All Teams in Personal Meting Lobby when Using Android Devices

Open Bluescape to experience these improvements! :bluescape_home:

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This is a great set of features! Every single one of these is a positive addition to the tool. Keep up the great work, Team Bluescape!


Bluescape 23.09.3 Update:

We’ve updated the Popsync search page and implemented a search box directly within the Bluescape workspace. Enter your desired search term and see endless results from a variety of image search providers.