Non-Facilitators Continue to See Deleted Hidden Canvas

In Bluescape, when you access a workspace as a non-facilitator (Viewer, Commenter, or Editor roles), after a Facilitator hides and deletes a canvas, the non-facilitator can still see the hidden deleted canvas.

Steps to reproduce


  • User A is an owner/facilitator.
  • User B is a non-facilitator (viewer, commenter, editor).
  1. User A adds a canvas to the workspace.
  2. User A adds content to the canvas (for example, a notecard).
  3. User A hides the canvas.
  4. User A uses the selector tool to select the entire canvas.
  5. User A presses the backspace key to delete the canvas.

Expected result

After Step 5, User B sees the hidden canvas deleted. The canvas is gone from the workspace.

Observed result

After Step 5, User B still sees the hidden canvas. The canvas is not deleted in their viewport. Refreshing the page causes the deleted canvas to be removed.


As a workaround, User B can refresh their page to see the update.

Additional information

This condition also applies to non-facilitators who cannot see a hidden canvas moving around a workspace.

This issue is resolved in the Bluescape 23.09.1 release.

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