Non-facilitators are Unable to See Hidden Canvas Moving when Using the Hide/Reveal Canvas Feature

In Bluescape, when you use the Hide/Reveal Canvas feature, non-facilitators are unable to see the hidden canvas moving.

Steps to reproduce

Prerequisite: Join the workspace as two users

  • User A is an owner/facilitator
  • User B is a non-facilitator (viewer, commenter, editor)
  1. User A hides a canvas.
  2. User A adds a notecard that slightly overlaps the hidden canvas.
  3. User A group selects the overlapping notecard and the hidden canvas.
  4. User A moves the selected content around.
  5. User B observes their own viewport when User A is moving the highlighted content around.

Expected result

User B (viewer, commenter, or editor) sees both the notecard and the hidden canvas moving around as a group.

Observed result

User B (viewer, commenter, or editor) sees only the notecard moving. The hidden canvas stays stationary in their viewport even though it shows as moving in User A’s viewport.

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This issue is resolved in the 23.09.1 Bluescape update.