Inconsistent Stroke Thickness Occurs when Working with Source PDF or Extracted Pages

In Bluescape, using the Pen tool, strokes differ in thickness and erasing issues occur when working with a source PDF versus pages extracted from the PDF.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Upload a .PDF document to the workspace.
  2. Extract some pages from the .PDF file.
  3. Draw a stroke on the original .PDF file and then on a page extracted from the PDF.

Expected result

Pen strokes appear consistently across all elements.

Observed result

Two different thicknesses appear on the original PDF versus the extracted pages.

Additional Information

Additionally, users attempting to erase strokes from a PDF file in the workspace may they must apply the eraser to a stroke element multiple times before the stroke erases.

This issue is resolved in the Bluescape 23.10.1 release.

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