Extracting a PDF in a Workspace

After you upload a PDF file into a workspace, you can extract each page so that each one becomes an individual asset. Any annotations you made on the document are retained on the extracted pages. This is useful during presentations and review processes.

To extract a PDF in a workspace:

  1. Select a PDF file in your workspace.

  2. Select :more_options: (More options).

  3. Select Extract.

  1. The Extract window opens. Select whether you want to extract all pages of the PDF or a specific range and how you would like the pages displayed.

  1. Select Continue.

The pages display in the workspace in the format you selected, next to the original PDF file. The original is unchanged.

You can click to select an individual page and interact with it as a workspace asset.

Note: You can extract up to 200 pages at a time.

You’re ready to open your workspace and extract your PDF pages! :bluescape_home:

This extract feature also works for PPT, MS Word.

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When you add documents to the Bluescape workspace, think about your participants who will need to access or review that content. Should you have users from various regions on different bandwidth, consider that Bluescape is a service that requires an active internet connection. To enable ease of use to access the document:

  • Upload both the source file (PDF, PPT, Word, etc) to the workspace AND
  • Extract the pages to the workspace

This enables users to do any of the following from the Bluescape workspace:

  1. View and scroll through pages from the source file directly
  2. Alternately users can view each extracted page
  3. Alternately users can download the source document for offline viewing