Note about Strokes Functionality and the June 2022 (22.06.1) Release

Support Note
The below topic outlines the status of a feature that was planned for release but was held for further development. Our team is working to deploy the feature as soon as possible.

For the June 2022 (22.06.1) release, a planned update to the Strokes feature was removed just prior to the release due to a quality issue.

The Strokes feature continues to function as it did prior to the June update.

The planned update is scheduled to go live in a hotfix (22.06.2), tentatively set to release on June 16, 2022.

This feature allows you to/allows for:

  • Annotate across document and image boundaries
  • Annotate or draw on top of objects like text, notecards, and shapes
  • Draw on top of images and documents (only works on closed documents)
  • Erase strokes without masking marks
  • Improved consistency using the drawing tool on iPad (Android functionality is also available)

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