January 2024 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team. If you’re unsure whether your team has a certain feature, contact your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday, January 18 after 10 am PST for impacted teams.


Improved text padding for shapes and notecards

The padding, or space between the border and text, for shapes and notecards has been reduced for improved usability. Additionally, the smallest font size available for these objects is 8pt to ensure all text is visible. If more text is added than the space allotted, the object will grow to accommodate the text.

Learn more: Adding Basic Shapes to a Workspace

Helpful Hint :bulb:

Group-selecting items is an easy way to change large amounts of content in a workspace quickly. Different options appear depending on what types of content you have selected. Don’t forget you can simultaneously resize the content after group-selecting it!

Group select to edit objects

Learn more: Group Selecting Assets

Notable Improvements & Bug Fixes

Undo a template

Undo the action of placing a template using the undo/redo hotkeys. Ctrl+Z (windows) cmd+Z (Mac).

Learn more: Undo and Redo an Action

Add a custom background image for Bluescape on a large display

Users leveraging the Bluescape application for large displays can add a custom lobby image instead of the default background provided.

Learn more: Adding a Custom Background Image for Bluescape on a Large Display

:bug: Bug Fix: Duplicating and moving groups of objects causes them to ‘jump’

The issue of grouped objects ‘jumping’ instead of moving to a new location after being duplicated has been resolved. The newly created, grouped objects now move in the workspace as expected.

Learn more: Duplicate + Drag bug

:bug: Bug Fix: Forced login loop after trying to add content

Occasionally, users were automatically logged out of Bluescape after attempting to add new content due to an incorrect cookie being stored. This issue is resolved and users will no longer be unexpectedly logged out.

Learn more: Forced login loop after trying to add content to a workspace

:bug: Bug Fix: Presenting a single item from a canvas would present the entire canvas

Occasionally, when a user selects a single item in a canvas to pull into present mode, the entire canvas and its contents would enter present mode. This issue has been resolved; only the selected content is pulled into the presentation.

:bug: Bug Fix: Cursor not visible for canvas title box

After the recent update to the canvas UI, users’ cursors were not showing after selecting the canvas title to edit it. This issue has been resolved, and cursors are visible when entering edit mode.

That’s all for this update. You’re ready to dive in! :bluescape_home: