Duplicate + Drag Bug

Hardware/Software Specs

  1. Computer: Mac
  2. Operating System: MacOS Ventura
  3. Client: Web
  4. Browser: Chrome
  5. Workspace ID: Any
  6. Timing: Any

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Using 2 or more objects, select them and CMD/CTRL+D to duplicate
  2. Without unselecting the newly duplicated objects, CMD/CTRL+D again
  3. Try and drag the 2nd duplicated objects


Expected Result: You can drag the objects normally

Observed Result: Objects jump as you drag them

Thanks for reporting, Shy! Looks like you’re not the only one who’s come across this. The bug is being tracked and we will let you know once it’s fixed. :+1:

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This issue was resolved in the January release (24.01.1). If you continue to experience the issue, please reply to this topic for a team member to assist.