Attachments are Inconsistent when Exporting to PDF

In Bluescape, when you export to PDF with attachments present, the exported PDF file does not contain all attachments.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Lauch a workspace.
  2. Attach three objects (just an example: Large_notecard, Small_notecard, image from your computer) on each other. First attach Small_notecard to Large_notecard. Then, attach the image from your computer to the notecards.
  3. Either use your mouse and drag to select all (multi-select), or select the attachment.
  4. Press Export > PDF.

Expected result

Exported PDF should display all objects in the Attach.

Observed result

Only the bottom layer (large notecard) appears in the exported PDF.


  1. Detach the top layer.
  2. User mouse and drag to select all. Press Export > PDF.
  3. All layers are present in the exported PDF.

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