Unable to use Keyboard Content Placement for Free Text while in Text Edit Mode

In Bluescape, while editing text in a notecard or free text field and selecting free text from the toolbar, pressing the Enter key to place the object does not result in any action.

Steps to reproduce

  1. In a notecard or a free text field, start to edit the text.
  2. While in text edit mode, select free text from the toolbar.
  3. Mouse over the workspace and press the Enter key to place the object.

Expected result

The new free text should appear at the current mouse position, but nothing happens upon pressing Enter.

Observed result

Nothing happens after pressing the Enter key.

Additional Information

This issue does not occur when selecting other objects like shapes, icons, notecards, or canvases.

This issue is resolved in the Bluescape 23.10.1 release.

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