Unable to Edit Pinned Shapes/Text with Pan Mode "On"

In Bluescape, when Pan mode is set to “on”, you are unable to enter Edit mode using a double click on pinned shapes or text.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Turn pan mode to On. The Hand icon in the lower right corner should be enabled.
  2. Add a shape :shapes:, notecard :notecard:, or text :text: element.
  3. Pin :pin: the element.
  4. Double click on it.

Expected results

You are able to access edit mode and make changes to your text.

Observed results

You are unable to access edit mode.


There are two possible workarounds for this issue:

  1. Unpin the item in Pan mode and then attempt to edit your text.
  2. Disable Pan Mode and attempt to edit your text.

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This issue is resolved in the 22.03.2 version of Bluescape.