Shape Attachment Issue

Good morning, Bluescape support.

I want to report an issue when trying to attach a shape onto another shape. In my specific instance, I’ve noticed that on attachment attaches it can/will often change without input from me (the user) without any input. This is on the commercial release as of 9:30 this morning.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create and draw a square / rectangular shape.
  2. Create another shape (circular)
  3. using the “A” key, drag the smaller circular shape over the rectangular one.
  4. the Shape will change size/position/paramaters automatically.

See attached pics.

before attach shape
after attach shape

Thanks for any helps,


Hi @Nate thank you for reporting this issue. We are aware of a known issue that might be similar to the one you’re experiencing.

To be sure, I’ve connected you to our Support team who will be in touch to investigate whether they are the same issue or this is a new bug.

Thanks again for reporting :slight_smile:

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