Can't Multi-Select (Shft+Click) Attached Objects

Hi Bluescape Support -

I wanted to report a design or Implementation issue I’m having.

When I am working in Bluescape, and creating a large object with fewer other smaller objects attached, I cannot mulit-select (Shft+Click) Attached Objects.

To Create:
1.Draw a large shape (box) on a workspace
2.Create 3 smaller boxes
3.Attach the three boxes to the larger box
4.Shift+Click to select the three boxes. Now that they are attached, you cannot select them individually without the “large box” also being selected.

This creates a painful experience since in designeing templates and “worksheets.” If you are designing a template with more than a few shapes/textboxes, it becomes difficult to move or change their properties in unison since you can’t select them at the same time anymore. This makes creating worksheets/flows much more difficult and time consuming.

  • pls Let me know if you also see this as an issue.


@Nate - Thanks for the detailed outline. I was able to reproduce the experience you noted and can understand how this can be an unwanted experience when curating content in the workspace. I am connecting with our dev team now on the matter and will provide updates when available.

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