Changing a Shape with Text to a Notecard does not Enforce the Square Aspect Ratio

When using Bluescape, if you place a notecard, add text to it, change its shape, and then resize the shape’s bounding box in a way that distorts the original notecard’s aspect ratio, the text does not adjust to the new shape’s aspect ratio.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Place a notecard in a workspace
  2. Add some text to the notecard.
  3. Change its geometry to another shape (for example, a circle).
  4. Resize the shape’s bounding box to break the aspect ratio of the original notecard size.
  5. Change geometry back to a notecard.

Expected result

The shape returns to a notecard with square geometry (as in Step 1).

Observed result

The notecard maintains the geometry of the shape (as in Step 4).

This issue is resolved in the 23.10.1 Bluescape update.

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