Maintain Object Aspect Ratio when Resizing

You can maintain the aspect ratio when resizing an element in Bluescape. This feature enables standardized canvas dimensions for exporting and consistent formatting of shapes and notecards, for example, to keep a workspace aesthetically tidy and organized.

Lock the aspect ratio before resizing an object

  1. Place an element in your workspace.
    Note: You cannot lock the aspect ratio of a :line: (Line).
  2. Select the object. The object toolbar appears.
  3. Select :more_options: (More).
  4. Toggle Lock aspect ratio to on.
  5. Resize the object.
    Maintain aspect ratio when resizing
    BlueProTip: You can also right-select an object and from the Properties sub-menu access the Lock aspect ratio feature.

Enable or disable the lock aspect ratio feature

To temporarily enable or disable the Lock aspect ratio feature, hold the Shift key on your keyboard.

Note: Certain assets have a permanently locked aspect ratio. These include images, videos, and documents (Microsoft Office and PDF files). The aspect ratio of an image can only be altered through cropping.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: