Did Bluescape make a board size/scale change?

Did Bluescape make a board size/scale change? I had all my boards set up on the whiteboard canvas size with medium note cards. Now everything is huge and not standard or whiteboard size, and none of the note cards are standard (large, medium , or small) sized. Was there a size/scale change? Is there a way to shift the scale back?

Hi @eric-holt-DU - In our August release, we changed the default size of new workspaces, text size, and therefore objects. The intent was to make all of the default sizes of workspace objects and uploads correctly proportional to each other for ease of use.

While the scale cannot be reverted, my two recommendations are:

  1. Create a new workspace to leverage the new default sizes.
  2. Save a custom template of your previously sized canvases and notecards and use adding templates as a way to keep the scale the same.

Well that’s a HUGE PITA. I have 66 boards with multiple canvas on each that all need to be resized. I just wasted an hour resetting one of the boards needed for a presentation tomorrow. Its still not quite right. Existing fonts and card sizes are a all messed up. I am not a happy user .

Tech Support cant come up with an easier fix? A way to auto reset older boards to the new scale??

I’ve contacted the development team; unfortunately, there is no safe way to auto-resize existing content. I can help resize these manually if you can provide me access to the workspace. We should be able to group resize everything fairly quickly.

If you see that as a viable option, I’m on deck and ready to help!

Hi @eric-holt-DU

I wanted to reach out directly to apologize for the troubles that the new scaling is causing you.

As Stefanie mentioned, these changes were done to bring scaling in Bluescape inline with other digital analogues as well as ease with exporting content.

The lack of ability to retain previous Workspace zoom settings was an oversight and again, want to offer my apologies for.

We are presently working on scaling improvements across the product to assist with size changes for notecards and textboxes and hope to have these improvements out soon, these will specifically address font as well. Additionally, we have an aspect lock feature out soon to help with scaling of objects that previously did not have this capability (shapes, strokes and canvases), this will be released on September 14th.

I would be happy to preview the scaling improvements we are working on with you if you are interested when they are in a demoable state.

Thank you Bob & Stefanie. I appreciate the offer to rescale all my boards and your attention to working on a scaling fix. I look forward to any new features that address scaling. I would be interested in previewing scaling improvements when they became demoable. I am slowly working on group rescaling each older canvas as I am working in them. That seems to be the most efficient use of time.

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