Connector Duplicate Behavior for Notecards/Shapes is Unsuccessful when using a Touchscreen

In Bluescape, using a touch device (for example, a tablet), when you add a shape or notecard to the workspace and add text, and press the connector dot to duplicate the object, a connector line appears instead.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add a shape or a notecard to the workspace, and add some text to it.
  2. While still in edit mode, tap the connector dot (the blue dot). Note that the same behavior applies when not in edit mode.

Expected result

A duplicate shape/notecard appears with the same text while in edit mode.

Note: The expectation is that a duplicate shape/notecard appears without the text.

Observed result

Pressing the dot to create the duplicate is unsuccessful. After multiple unsuccessful attempts at pressing the dot, a connector line appears instead of the duplicate expected.

This issue is resolved in the June 2023 (23.06.1) version of Bluescape.

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