Moving an object duplicates it

My group is having an issue (for quite some time now) where, intermittently, and in a variety of workspaces (both new and old), attempting to move an object duplicates it. Trying multiple times will continue duplicating it endlessly and the item will never move. Our workaround is to reload the workspace and we assumed that eventually it would be fixed in an update but it continues so thought it was time to bring it to the community. I cannot duplicate it at will. It just happens when it happens. Occurs in both Safari and Chrome, and on various Mac computers from Mac Studios to laptops to IMac Pros. Thanks in advance for any assistance your can provide!

Hey @Sarah_Lubeck. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It sounds like the ‘duplicating endlessly’ is automatic i.e., you’ve stopped clicking anything in the workspace. Is that correct?

Also, are the duplicated objects connected with a line/arrow?

Hi there

No, the don’t duplicate on their own – only if you click on them. And no there are not connectors. They just duplicate. And at other times, seemingly possibly related?, a selected object freezes and you cannot move it, scale it, edit it, delete it or deselect it; nor can you select or move/edit anything else. The space is basically frozen but does not give the error message of being frozen. This also is resolved by refreshing.

Thanks for the info. I’ve connected with the development team on this matter. Once I know more, I will reply here. Thanks so much for your patience.

@Sarah_Lubeck Two additional questions:

  1. By chance, were you holding down ‘alt’ and then clicking + dragging from the object? It’s a keyboard shortcut for duplicating.
  2. When you click an object, are you only clicking it once, and then it duplicates, or are you interacting with the object’s menu at all?

No. I know how to duplicate but this is different. It happens when we simply try to move the object. It makes a new one and leaves the original behind. It’s when you select an object and attempt to move it. No menu.

Thanks, @Sarah_Lubeck. I will open a support ticket so we can investigate this issue further.

It happens to me, too, @stefanieo. It happens when I click on an object prior to moving it. I may be accidentally double-clicking though. (But definitely not holding down any keys like control or option.)

And, yes, the two objects are now connected. Here is a picture.
Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 9.05.53 AM

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Hey there, @Marie_Hughes! Thanks for chiming in. Your experience differs from Sarah_Lubeck’s in that:

The feature that auto-duplicates an object with a connecting line is meant to be a time saver. You may have better luck selecting without tripping this feature if you adjust your zoom slightly. Being a little closer should force the appropriate cursor (:select: not :pan:) to appear for selecting an object to move it.

This seems to be most prevalent with single-line textboxes/shapes as they are so narrow.

Know that this is feedback we’ve heard before, and our development team is considering how to improve this experience.


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