Using ShotGrid with Bluescape

Support Note
This topic is not relevant to all Bluescape members and may not apply to all teams. If you’re unsure whether your team has this integration, please reach out to your IT department.

Learn about ShotGrid Integration. Click to play the video.

Your workflows in ShotGrid are now integrated with Bluescape! ShotGrid is an Autodesk application for creative project management of film, TV, and games. The integration enables you to send ShotGrid versions, assets, playlists, and shots to a Bluescape workspace. This is useful during review and approval processes, and to easily maintain a digital record of both.

Note: The ShotGrid/Bluescape integration must be configured by both Bluescape and ShotGrid administrators. Learn how to configure the ShotGrid Integration.

Sending ShotGrid Content to Bluescape

You can send the following ShotGrid content to Bluescape:

  • Assets - You can only send one Asset to Bluescape at a time.
  • Playlists - You can only send one Playlist to Bluescape at a time.
  • Shots - You can only send one Shot to Bluescape at a time.
  • Versions - You can send multiple Versions to Bluescape at the same time.

To send content from ShotGrid to a workspace in Bluescape:

  1. Navigate to the Assets , Playlist , or Shot area in ShotGrid.
  2. Click the desired content to select it.
  3. Right-click the content.
  4. A context menu opens. Select Send to Bluescape. The screenshot below displays the action menu for an Asset.

This action menu is configured by a ShotGrid Admin.

  1. A new browser tab opens. If you are not logged in to Bluescape yet, you will be prompted to do so. You must ensure that pop-up windows are allowed in your browser to complete this step.
    If you are already logged in, you can begin adding the ShotGrid content to a new workspace canvas in Bluescape. Use the Organization drop-down menu to select the Bluescape Team you want to add the content to.

  1. Use the Workspace dropdown menu to select the workspace you want to add the content to.
    Note: You can only select an existing workspace.

  2. The ShotGrid content will be sent to the Bluescape workspace and contained in a new canvas. The canvas name auto-fills to “[content name]-[ShotGrid entity type]-[version number].” You can also enter a canvas name of your choice.

  3. Select a color for the new canvas.

  4. Select Send to Bluescape.

  5. Progress bars display for each version in the asset or playlist. To view the content in Bluescape, select Open in workspace.


  1. A new browser tab opens, displaying the canvas containing the ShotGrid content in the designated workspace. Versions are displayed in ascending order of their version ID.

You can now act upon the images the way you would any other workspace asset, including adding markups and comments. If you push different versions of the same ShotGrid content into the same workspace, the new canvas will be predictively placed next to the previous one.

Opening Content in ShotGrid from Bluescape

After you have followed the instructions above and sent ShotGrid content to Bluescape, you can open it in ShotGrid from the workspace. You can open an individual image or open every image from the canvas in Shotgrid.

To open a single image in ShotGrid:

  1. Select the desired asset in the workspace.
    Note: It can not be any workspace asset, only one that has been sent from ShotGrid.

  2. Select :more_options: (More options) in the toolbar.

  3. Select Open in ShotGrid in the context menu.

A new browser tab opens, displaying a full-screen view of the content in ShotGrid.

To open every image from the canvas in ShotGrid:

  1. Select the canvas you created when you sent the ShotGrid content to Bluescape.

  2. Select :more_options: (more options) icon on the canvas toolbar.

  3. Select Open in ShotGrid in the context menu.

Depending on what was in the canvas, the original playlist, asset, or shot opens in ShotGrid. If the canvas contained a number of individual versions, the appropriate ShotGrid project opens with all versions displayed.

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