Online Learning Reimagined: How UPenn Teaches through Bluescape

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Stuart Weitzman’s School of Design at PennU had to decide how to teach “Furniture Design” from a distance.

Re-creating a studio atmosphere through online learning is not an easy delivery format, so instructors in the Department of Architecture had to get creative.

Having solved their problem, instructors decided to bring their class and courses content together through Bluescape. Students can upload their sketches, 3D models, and photos into a canvas within the workspace. It even allows them to lead a workspace and conduct presentations, propelling the classroom conversation forward.

Learn more about how the Department of Architecture at Penn uses Bluescape.

The link to how how the Department of Architecture at Penn uses Bluescape is broken. Would you please fix?



Welcome to our community @eric-holt-DU! :grinning: We’ve connected with the appropriate team to address the broken link and it should be resolved soon. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Any updates? It is still a broken link.



@eric-holt-DU This has been fixed and is visible now.