Removing the "Default Role" Workspace Setting

With the December 2021 release (version 21.12.1), a role can be pre-assigned when you Share workspace access, making the previous functionality of assigning a Default role unnecessary.

Bluescape recommends that you remove any Custom role from the Default role field in your Configuration Center before we remove this functionality.


This issue was fixed following the June 2022 (22.06.1) release.


To remove the Default role from your workspace:

  1. As an Organization Administrator, access the Configuration Center.
  2. Select Roles from the left menu.
  3. Go down to Workspace Roles.
  4. Remove any Custom role from the Default role drop-down field by selecting any role that is not a Custom role (e.g., Viewer).

With the June 2022 release (version 22.06.1), Admins will no longer see the option to set or edit a workspace Default role from the Configuration Center.

Note: To ensure your ability to edit all Custom roles in the future, complete the above Workaround before June 2022.

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This issue became moot following the June 2022 (22.06.1) release.