Bluescape Subscription Member Roles

The table below describes the permissions associated with each role in a Team and Business subscription and whether or not each role requires a license.

Role Type Permissions Requires a license?
Team Owner
  • Manages the overall Bluescape subscription. This includes; managing team members and billing information through the team management page
  • Purchase and delete licenses
  • Upgrade and downgrade team member roles
  • Create workspaces
  • Edit Workspaces
  • Invite Visitors
  • Note: Workspaces owned by team members who are removed from the team subscription are automatically transferred to the team owner.
  • Administrators have the same permissions as a team owner (listed above)
  • Can purchase licenses from credit card on the account
  • Admin can not downgrade or delete the team owner
  • Create workspaces
  • Edit workspaces
  • Invite Visitors
  • Does not have access to the team management page
  • View Workspace
  • Comment in workspace
  • Must be invited by a team member with a license

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