How to download Bluescape canvas

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a way to download a Bluescape canvas as a PDF or PNG? I want to download all the components on the page into one single source. I haven’t been able to find the function anywhere and have been taking screenshots of the page.

Hi @vivjiang thanks for your question!

Yes, there is a way to download a canvas as a .png, however, downloading as a .pdf is not supported at this time.

To download the canvas, you must group select the canvas and objects contained within, then right-click and select Download. This will download a .png file of your entire canvas.

You can learn more about the download options in a workspace in this topic.

Please let us know if this helps solve the problem :slight_smile:

Hi @vivjiang,
If I may ask, what did you mean by ‘single source’? Do you want to have a collection of components in a single page pdf/png OR are you looking to extract them as one component per page?

Hi Vivek, I want to have a collection of components into a single pdf/png

Hi Kristeno,I’m finding that if I select a few items/components I want to download, it will extract into a png, but when I want to download the entire canvas, Bluescape is crashing and not letting me download it. Is there a maximum amount of components I can download at a time?

Depending on how many assets are selected in the canvas, the processing time may take a while to convert.

To give us more context, can you also please explain what you mean by “crashing” when you go to download?

  • Does the web browser freeze?
  • Does the web browser display an error?
  • Does Bluescape display an error?

And also, the type of objects contained within the canvas may contribute to the group select to download issue. Can you kindly confirm the object types contained in the canvas?

Thank you!

Hi Kristeno,

When I select the objects and click download, Bluescape turns black for ~5 seconds and then I get an error saying that “The page is unresponsive” with two options: keep waiting or exit the page. When I click either options, Bluescape continues to stay as a black screen and then the downloaded png shows up as a black screen.

The web browser freezes and reloads, and Bluescape stays as an all black screen even if I try reloading the page. I find that I need to open up a different Bluescape canvas in a different tab in order to get back onto the webpage.

In the canvas there are text boxes, shapes, lines, inserted clip art.

@vivjiang I’ve connected with the appropriate team members that can help investigate why you’re experiencing what you have outlined above. We will share more information with you once it becomes available. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Good news! You can now easily export an entire canvas to PDF :tada:
This should eliminate your browser freezing/reloading, and instead your PDF will download at the bottom of your display.

You can learn how to export workspace content here:

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