Download with Markup missing?

Good afternoon, Bluescape Support - It appears that a previous available option - “Download with Markup” for imported pdfs - is no longer visible? (See pic attached) Can support please confirm this is intentional? Or has the location of the action moved to somewhere else?

Hello there, @Nate. As always, we appreciate your keen eye.
You can rest assured the ability to download your file with the markups included is still present. Though it may not have seemed intuitive, you can achieve this by selecting the Export > PNG option from the menu you have opened in your screenshot.
To clarify, currently, this does not download 1 single image (for example, an image of the page you are viewing), nor does it download a PDF file, including several PNG images for each page in the document. In fact, this option currently exports what you recall as the “Download with Markup” option.
We have some further investigating to do. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so we can work towards making this more intuitive.

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