Right-click Quick Access Menus

When working on a project, big or small, time is of the essence nowadays. One tool to help you cull unnecessary steps is the right-click menu. This basic keyboard shortcut lets you access a variety of features and settings with speed.

Background Right-click

There are two ways you can open this quick-access menu. Either right-click the workspace or a canvas background.
Note: To open the quick access object menu for a canvas, right-click the canvas border.

Use this quick access menu to:

  1. Add >
  2. View settings >
  3. Exit workspace
    • This will bring you to :bluescape_home: Bluescape Home if you are logged in

Right-click the workspace background

Object Right-click

The quick-access object menus are consistent across all workspace assets, with only slight variations. Find more details on each quick access menu :more_options: (More options) in community topics regarding “adding” and “customizing” those assets. For example, Adding a Notecard and Adding Default Shapes to a Workspace.

Group-select Right-click

The quick-access group-select menu differs from the menu mentioned above when a variety of asset types are selected. Find more details on this quick access menu :more_options: (More options) in the Group Selecting Assets topic.

All the essentials - right at your fingertips.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: