Conducting a Brainstorm

Conducting a brainstorm helps a facilitator conduct a brainstorming session for a team. Brainstorming sessions can be used to help spark ideas for a wide variety of purposes, from thinking of new product ideas to figuring out how to solve a problem.

To use this template to conduct a brainstorming session, follow these steps:

  1. Set up your brainstorming questions. Replace the template text with up to five possible questions to address during the session. This step can either be done by the meeting facilitator before the session or the group can suggest questions.

  2. As a group, decide which (one) question should be used for the rest of the exercise. Delete the other questions or move them aside to use in another session.

  3. Have each participant select one of the color-coded sets of notecards in the “Solo Brainstorming” area of the canvas. Working alone, each participant silently brainstorms on possible answers to the question selected above, putting one idea on each notecard. Participants should work quickly, not filtering ideas but instead capturing any thoughts, even if they are impractical.

  4. Come together as a group, then move all the individual notecards into the Group Brainstorming area of the canvas. Sort, arrange, and discuss the ideas. Use the voting dots within the template to vote on the best idea.

  5. As a team, decide on the next steps for your idea.

Tip: Use the built-in workspace timer to keep the session on schedule. Set a timer for each activity, then bring attendees back to the main discussion after the time is up.

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