Bring Your Ideas Into Reality with a Crazy Eight Template

Crazy Eight

The Crazy Eight template is used for fast ideation during an initial brainstorming session. Each participant or team conceives eight ideas in eight minutes, then the group votes on the best two.

How has the Crazy Eight template helped your workflow? Comment down below!

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I love exploring the templates in Bluescape because you discover new and visually appealing ways to organize information. I often find templates useful for more than just their intended purpose.

I enjoy sound boarding with teammates, but I find that I also do a lot of my own research and solo brainstorming. The result: I have multiple projects and need an organized way to keep the ideas separate.

Here’s how I customized the Crazy Eight template for solo brainstorming (I call it Crazy Eight-ish :joy:):

Doing this brought me one step closer to planning some things for work, entrepreneurial ventures, and more…all at once. I had too many things on the go and wasn’t able to focus on any of them. One project at a time, I gave myself a few minutes to brain dump and laid everything out in one place.

This could also be helpful prior to a group brainstorming session if you have anxiety or feel on the spot in a group setting. A little prep could also increase your impact on team strategies by bringing more fleshed-out ideas to the table. Try out solo brainstorming, and let me know if it helps you drive deeper conversations.

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