My post-it style Brain Dump template for prioritizing and solo brainstorming

I don’t brainstorm. My brain is always a storm…of ideas, that is. What I am is a list-maker. So, using a template like Crazy Eight for solo brainstorming wouldn’t necessarily work best for me.

A while ago I used Bluescape to make my own template, better suited to how my brain works.

My Brain Dump Template :grinning:

Like I said, I make lists, which I can write here or on post-its or wherever. Then, every so often I can set aside some time to consolidate those lists and actually move those items forward!

There are three post-it pads (if you will): Top 3, Easy 3, and Next 3. From my brain dump or solo brainstorming list, I can prioritize what needs to be done, making my giant list more manageable. I designed this template to function like a stack of post-its so that, for example, when all three pink (“Top 3”) tasks are completed, I can drag over the pink post-it to the “Done” pile. Uncovering another pink one ready for my next round of prioritizing.

I made this to suit my specific needs in prioritizing multiple projects and tasks, but the template can easily be customized. If you appreciate the post-it functionality you can have less post-it piles or more even. Also the names and uses of each pile can change. Here are a few examples off the top of my head.

Workload management:

  • This week; Next week; Next month
  • Small task; Medium workload; Large project - Similar to the 1-3-5- Rule
  • Fun; Boring; Challenging (making sure you don’t spend all your time on one: fun)

Project Brainstorming:

  • Achievable; Worth exploring; Pipe dream
  • Start work; Do research; Find resources
  • you get the idea…
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