Bluescape for Government | Q2 Release Notes for 2023

Support Note
This topic may not be relevant to all Bluescape users and may not apply to all Organizations. If you’re unsure whether your Organization is using the Bluescape for Government release, reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Friday May 12 at 3 pm PT for impacted organizations.

It’s May! Flowers are starting to bloom :sunflower:, bees are starting to buzz :honeybee:, and we’ve got new features and improvements to make your Bluescape experience better than ever.


Hide and reveal canvas content

Show/hide canvas content

Bluescape has released a new feature to enhance your presentation experience - the Hide/Reveal Canvas Content feature. These latest additions grant workspace owners and the new Workspace Facilitator role the ability to hide canvas content, greying it out to create a more compelling presentation experience. With the canvas content hidden, put your best foot forward and present without your audience peeking ahead in the presentation.

Note: This feature is not :no_entry_sign: intended for security purposes but for presentation and facilitation purposes only.

Learn More: Hiding and Revealing a Canvas

Image Cropping

Crop images

This release introduces the ability to crop images that have been uploaded to a workspace. You can edit an image to only show the desired portion of the original uploaded image. This feature works with Popsync images and images you upload to the workspace.

Learn More: Using the Image Cropping Feature

Export objects to PDF

Need to export to PDF? We’ve got you covered. In this release, users can export a canvas, viewport, and individual elements to PDF format. You can also export single or multiple workspace canvases to PDF format.

Learn More: Using the Export to PDF Function in a Workspace

Notable Improvements

Accelerated Rendering :racing_car:

The latest refinement of Bluescape’s graphics pipeline brings a major performance boost while scrolling and zooming through workspaces loaded with content!

Auto Scroll and Pan :scroll: :pan_blue:

Dragging an item toward the boundaries of a Workspace auto-pans the workspace viewer. This lets you easily move items in your workspace out of your current field of view.

Bluescape Home Workspace sorting :bluescape_home:

To ensures that the Workspaces you have recently worked in are the most accessible, Bluescape Home now defaults to sorting your Workspaces using the Recently used by me filter.

Navbar consistency

Navbar states are now consistent visually and functionally. When you finish placing content in the workspace, you are returned back to your previously selected nav tool, Pan (hand), or Select (arrow). Bluescape remembers your nav tool selection and does not change you from one to the other.

Quick connector lines :add_connecting_line:

By default, quick connector lines are now curvy. Curvy lines are more versatile than straight lines and are used in most use cases.

Improved quick connect creation :add_connecting_line:

When you click quick connect, the object is created in text edit mode with the text selected, so you can immediately start typing new content in the object.

Resize existing canvas

Previously, attempting to resize an existing canvas could cause a workspace error.

Now, canvases can be resized without issue.

Control bar visibility

The control bar is now hidden while resizing workspace elements. This update reduces visual noise and makes the resize easier to see.

Emoji animations :fire:

Fixed an issue where reaction animations would trigger unnecessarily.

Notecard text color

Previously, in certain situations, it was possible to create notecards and have the text color match the color of the notecard, preventing you from reading the text.

Now, the default text color for notecards will never match the color of the notecard.

Improved canvas selection :select:

Using the Select tool, you can now drag the title of a canvas to move the entire canvas. Even when a canvas is not selected, with the select tool, you can grab the edge or corner of a canvas to resize it.

Default object size when creating from toolbar

Previously, when users placed an object in the workspace using the toolbar and then resized it, the next time they selected the same object from the toolbar, its size matched the resized object.

Now, when users place an object in the workspace using the toolbar, the created object is one consistent size.

Known Issues

Non-functional sign-up option visible to anonymous users

When an anonymous user accesses a Workspace using an Anyone link, after a few minutes, a Sign up for Bluescape pop-up displays. The pop-up includes buttons to Sign-up and Log in. Selecting Sign-up takes users to a blank page where no information displays and no sign-up workflow is available.

The Sign-up button is erroneously present for Bluescape for Goverment instances and will be removed in a future release.

OneDrive Request access option not visible

The Request access button doesn’t always get displayed for users that don’t have access to a OneDrive file linked in a workspace.

As a workaround, affected users can contact the file owner directly to request access. You can also leave your cursor in the same location in the workspace for 3-5 minutes, and the button then appears.

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