Rotating an Object in a Workspace

Did you know that you can rotate any object or group of objects (including their connectors) in a Bluescape workspace? You can auto-snap any Bluescape object in 45° increments.

To rotate an object

  1. Place an object in the workspace.
  2. Select the object that you would like to rotate.
  3. Click the :rotate: (Rotate) icon located at the upper right of the object.
  4. Drag your mouse to rotate.

    Object Rotation Demo

Note: Select multiple objects by using Shift+Select.

To disable/modify the Auto-Snap behavior

  • To disable the auto-snap function on rotatable objects, hold Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) to temporarily disable auto-snap.
  • If you hold Shift and rotate an object, it forces the object to rotate only in 45° incraments.

Notes about Object Rotation and the Bluescape Wall Client

  • Object rotation is not supported on the Bluescape legacy Wall Client. Legacy Wall customers must contact Support to disable rotation by enabling the Legacy Wall Compatibility Mode in the Configuration Center.
  • If a rotated object is present in a workspace, that workspace can no longer be sent to a wall.
  • When attempting to share a workspace with a rotated object connected to a wall, the attempt is unsuccessful, and an error message appears, directing users to the Bluescape Community for assistance.
  • If you open a workspace on a wall from another workspace that has a contained rotated object, that object disconnects from the wall.

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