Workspace Activity Feed


Curious about what changes have been made since you last visited a workspace? The Activity feed will show you who did what in the workspace with accurate timestamps and workspace locations.

What types of actions are recorded?

Recorded activities

Date Objects Activities
• Today
• Yesterday
• This week
• Last week
• This month
• Previous month
• Custom interval

• Canvas
• Document
• Grid
• Icon
• Image
• Line
• Notecard
• Shape
• Text
• Video
• Website
• Added
• Attached
• Connected
• Deleted
• Detached
• Disconnected
• Modified

Accessing the activity feed

There are three ways to open the Activity feed panel.

Note: The activity feed is only available to team members. Some visitors can see the panel depending on the workspace permissions, while those with viewing access cannot, including anonymous users. View workspace roles to learn more.

Upon opening a workspace

The workspace automatically checks to see if any changes have occurred since your last visit. If changes have been made, a notification will appear at the top of the workspace with the option to “View recent changes.” This notification is dismissible if you do not want to open the feed.
View recent activities toast message

From the workspace settings menu

This way of opening the activity feed is best when you’ve already dismissed the notification or want to review previously seen changes.

  1. Select :more_options: (Workspace settings) next to the workspace title.
  2. Select Activity feed.

Using keyboard shortcuts

If you prefer using keyboard shortcuts to access tools, SHIFT + A will open the activity feed.

Viewing activities

The feed only contains recorded activities related to workspace objects. It does not include workspace events such as downloading and starting meetings. You can filter your view to quickly find the object or activity you’re looking for.

Unread activities

Changes made since your last visit will have a blue dot next to the activity, noting that it is an unread update. Select Mark all seen to remove the blue dot from new activities. Alternatively, when the activity panel is closed, all unread activities will instantly be marked as read.

Selecting activities

You can select individual activities, and the workspace will adjust to focus on the objects associated with the modification. If you select a ‘delete’ activity, a toast will appear at the topic of the workspace, noting that the object has been deleted and cannot be viewed.
Activity has been deleted toast message
Note: When open, the Activity feed will refresh every 2 minutes with the latest activities. If you would like the latest updates without waiting, you can close and reopen the feed.

Selecting single vs. grouped activities

Items listed in the panel are either individual modifications or grouped modifications.

Single activity: An action that one user performs on a single workspace object will be listed as a single activity. The collaborator name, action, object type, and timestamp will be displayed.
A single activity
Grouped activities: Actions are grouped when they are the same actions performed by one collaborator on multiple workspace objects.

  • When the grouped activities reference the same object type, the activity will mention the object type.
  • When the grouped activities reference multiple workspace objects, the activity will mention “objects.”

Grouped activities

Filtering activities

You can leverage activity filters to find specific workspace modifications. By default, filters are not applied, and the results return all activities in descending chronological order.

Adding activity filters

  1. Select :filter: (Filter) in the opened activity panel.
    Activity filters
  2. select the criteria you would like to filter by using the drop-down menus. As you add criteria, the activities listed will be filtered automatically.
  3. Select :filter: (Filter) to return to the full view of the activity list with the filters applied. You can also keep the filter menu open and scroll the list of activities at the bottom of the panel.
    Note: Only one option can be applied at a time when filtering by date. All other filter settings can have multiple criteria applied.

Applying a custom date range

  1. Select :filter: (Filter).
  2. Select the Date drop-down.
  3. Select Custom interval.
  4. In the opened window, select the start date under From and the end date under To.
    Custom date filter
  5. Select Add interval.

Removing activity filters

  1. Select :filter: (Filter).
  2. Select the ‘x’ next to a single criterion to remove it from the filter.
    Example - Object type filter set to "Image"
  3. Select Clear filters to remove all filters and return to the default list.
    Clear filters
  4. Select :filter: (Filter) to return to the full view of the activity list.

Addtional notes

  • Only the last three months’ worth of activities will be available.
  • All activities are displayed to the individual user according to the date and times matching their specific time zone.
  • There are a few activities that state their technical description. A couple of examples are:
    • Adding a reaction to an object, such as an image, shows a s new “added image” activity.
    • Annotation on an image, shape, or document will show as “added.”

You’re ready to open your workspace and view recent activities! :bluescape_home: