Collaborating in Bluescape

Viewing Active Workspace Collaborators

Active collaborators are members or visitors who actively have the workspace open. You can view which active collaborators are currently in a workspace.

To view active collaborators from within a workspace:

  1. Open a workspace.

  2. If there are 5 or fewer users in the workspace, each of their avatars will display separately in the top-right of the workspace.
    Active Collaborators

  3. If there are more than 5 users, you will also see an indicator of the additional number of users. Select the number Additional Collaborators to view the full list of collaborators.

Leading and Following

When a member starts leading, a notification appears to all users that Lead has been selected, and that user will be leading the workspace when the countdown concludes. The color-coded indicator at the top of the page informs followers who is leading the meeting.

Leading a workspace

  1. Open the workspace.

  2. In the upper right corner of your workspace, select Lead.

  3. An indicator appears at the top of your screen, indicating that you are leading and how many people are following you.


  4. To stop leading, either select the leading indicator at the top of the workspace or Stop leading beside your avatar.

Stop following

  1. Hover your cursor over the leader’s indicator at the top of the screen or select the leader’s name from the collaborator’s panel.

  2. Select Stop following.

Interrupting the leader

If you want to take over the lead of the workspace, you can interrupt the workspace leader.

  1. Select your avatar from the collaborators’ panel.

  2. A dialog box appears, noting that the workspace is still being led and confirming that you want to interrupt the leader. Select Yes.

Following a specific user

You can select a specific user in the workspace instead of waiting for someone to take the lead. This can be helpful if multiple teams are active in the same workspace.

  1. Choose the person you wish to follow by selecting that person’s collaborator or using the search box to find them.


  2. The indicator at the top of the page confirms that you are following your intended participant.

Drifting from the leader

While following a leader, you can navigate away without having to unfollow. This is great for followers who self-explore even when the leader moves to a different part of the workspace.

When you’ve drifted from the leader, a visual indicator in the collaborators panel will appear with two options:

Shared Cursors

You can view the cursor of each collaborator as they navigate a workspace. This significantly improves brainstorming sessions, workshops, and content revision workflows.

The cursors of all collaborators are displayed in the workspace, except in the following situations:

  • Inactivity - If a member is idle for over 5 seconds, their cursor will no longer display to others. As soon as they move their cursor again, it will reappear.
  • Leader/Follower mode - When a collaborator begins to lead a workspace, only their cursor displays. This ensures the focus is on the leader’s movements in the workspace.
  • Presentation mode - All cursors are hidden while a collaborator presents. This helps to avoid distraction from the presentation material.

For information on how to turn off shared cursors, see Workspace Settings and Details.

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  • Can I hide workspace content from other collaborators?
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