Anonymous Workspace Access

Support Note
This topic may not be relevant to all Bluescape users and may not apply to all Teams. If you’re unsure whether your Teams has this feature/capability/integration, please reach out to your IT department.

As a workspace owner, you can create and manage View-only links to share for others to access your workspace without a Bluescape account.

  • This link provides view-only access to your workspace. Those using the link cannot navigate outside the workspace you shared with them or add content.
  • Only one link can be active per workspace.

Creating a View only link

  1. Select Invite in the top-right of your workspace to open your workspace sharing options. Read Sharing Your Workspace for the complete list of options for workspace sharing.
  2. At the bottom of the window, select View only link.
    Select the "View only link" share option
  3. Select Create new link.
    Create a new View only link
  4. Configure the option expiration date and link password.
  5. Select Create link.
    Expiration date and Password options for View only links
  6. Select Copy link to copy the link to your system clipboard and send it to others.
    Copying a View only link

Managing a View only link

As the workspace owner, you can add, update, and remove expiration dates and passwords of View only links after they are created.

  1. Select View only link at the bottom of the sharing window.
  2. Select Edit.
    Editing a View only link
  3. Edit the expiration date and password, then click Save.

Deleting a View only link

As the workspace owner, you can also delete a View only link, revoking access to those who had access to the link.

  1. Select View only link at the bottom of the Share workspace window.
  2. Select :delete: (Delete).
    Deleting a View only link
    After you delete the link, a new one can be created.

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