Requesting Access to a Workspace

Support Note
This topic is not relevant to all Bluescape users and may not apply to all Organizations. If you’re unsure whether your Organization has this feature/capability/integration, please reach out to your IT department.

As a member of a Bluescape team, you may not have permission to access all workspaces within your team. If you click on a workspace link that you don’t have access to, you will be prompted to request access from the workspace owner.

How to request access to a workspace after clicking on a workspace link:

  1. Click the Request Access button.

    Note: After access to a workspace has been requested, the button to request access will be disabled to avoid duplicate requests. After 3 minutes on the request access page, the user will be redirected to Bluescape Home with a redirect message. The user can request access again by refreshing the page, however, if it has not been 10 minutes since the original request, no email or notification will be sent to the owner of the workspace. The user will be notified that they have already sent a request, and the button will be disabled.

  2. An email notification is sent to the workspace owner, as well as a notification in the workspace itself.

  3. Once you are admitted by the workspace owner, you will receive a confirmation email to access the workspace.

  4. Click Access Workspace to open the requested workspace.

Note: Workspace permissions are set by the workspace owner upon admittance into the workspace. To learn more, read Workspace Roles.

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