Approving Access to a Workspace

Support Note
This topic is not relevant to all Bluescape users and may not apply to all Organizations. If you’re unsure whether your Organization has this feature/capability/integration, please reach out to your IT department.

When a member in the same Bluescape team requests access to a workspace you own, you will receive an email notification to approve or deny their request. In addition, a banner message is displayed at the top of the workspace they requested access to.

To approve a team member’s requested access:

  1. Navigate to your email and click the Request for Access email. Click on Admit Access.

    Alternatively, if you’re still in the workspace click Admit on the banner notification in the top middle of the workspace.

  2. The Access to workspace pop-up window displays:

  3. Use the drop-down menu to select a workspace role for the member.

  4. To grant them access, click the Add button. To reject access, click the Deny button.

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