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Previously when I used @mention commenting I could click on the embedded link in the email it sent and go straight to the asset that was commented on. Really useful!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen anymore. Instead I am dragged to where ever the workspace was opened last and I have to hunt for the comment. The url gets “corrected” to the last place open url.

This is really a problem – are you aware of this? Is there a fix?

Hello there. It sounds like you’re experiencing something others have encountered before. In their case, they used the Bluescape desktop app and not Bluescape in a browser.

Note: The title of the linked resource above addresses 1/2 of their concurrent inquiries. The discussion about commenting is sprinkled in between, and the conclusion is highlighted here. :arrow_up:

So – this is still an issue. When I click on a link in an email, it does not go to the correct workspace area. Also, I had deleted the app, and then it wouldn’t open the link at all giving me an error and no associated program message.

Hi @pltkgvsu! Thanks for your update on the status of the comment issue you continue to experience. We really appreciate you letting us know it’s still occurring.

To investigate this further, we’ve opened a support ticket for your case and @cody.bentley will be in touch with you shortly. :slight_smile:

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A ticket has been created: Native app doesn’t navigated to @mentioned comments which is commented second time

@kristeno, @pltkgvsu,

Support and QA determined that this issue occurs only in the Bluescape Native Desktop application. For example, if you have the existing workspace already open in the application and you click “View Comment” within the email notification, you do not get taken to the asset with the comment panel open and are left in the same location on the workspace. Suppose you don’t have the workspace already open in the Bluescape Native Desktop application and click “View comment” from the email notification. You are then taken directly to the workspace and the asset with the open comment panel. This issue is tentatively targeted for a fix in the March 23.03.1 release that will occur on Thursday, March 9th, 2023.

As a suggested workaround, users need to ensure the workspace is not open in the desktop application before clicking “View comment” in the email notification. If the workspace is not already open, they will be taken directly to the asset with the comment.

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Hi @pltkgvsu. Good news! This issue was fixed in the March 23.03.1 release.

When you click View comment from the email notification, you will be directed to the asset with the comment panel open, regardless of whether the workspace is already open.

Thank you @cody.bentley for the great support! :raised_hands:

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