One of my workspace will not open

ONE of my workspaces (for which I am the owner) will not open; the Logo and pulsing blue circle just loop until it times out. I can access all my other workspaces just fine.

Hey @Celeste_Giuffre, thanks for contacting the community :slight_smile: Let’s work together to solve this!

Could you please try a few things on your end before we dive deeper?

A couple questions below:

  1. What browser are you on, and is your browser up to date? If you are not using the latest version, be sure to update your browser.

  2. Try restarting your browser. If your browser has been running for a long time, its application memory could impact Bluescape performance. Restarting the browser refreshes the application memory.

  3. Open the workspace in a new Incognito or Private browser window, bypassing any environmental issues with your browser (e.g., corrupt cache or cookies and interference from browser extensions).

  4. Kindly try opening the workspace in a different browser.

  5. Close all unnecessary browser tabs. Each tab uses additional memory that could impact Bluescape’s overall performance.

  6. Disable any browser extensions, including ad-blocking extensions such as uBlock, AdBlock, and more that could affect Bluescape’s performance. Then restart your computer.

  7. Clear browser cookies and/or cache, then restart your browser.

Please let us know if any of these solutions have helped solve the issue you’re experiencing. :+1:

Hi Kristino,

None of those worked. What should I do next?

Hello @Celeste_Giuffre we will open a Support case. Please look for an email from us to continue troubleshooting this issue.

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