Can't log in to view only link

Hi everyone,

Members of our team with a view only link and password can’t seem to access their board today. The screen just hangs after typing in the password, cannot hit the submit button and the the board tab at top left just says Loading.

Any thoughts?

Hi Cara,

This is Cody from Bluescape support. I just tested the “View Only” link with several of my colleagues, and we experienced no issues when using it. For the affected user, I recommend having them test in an incognito window or copying & pasting the “View Only” link to an alternate browser to test. Suppose this user can access the workspace using the “View only” link in an incognito window or alternate browser. In that case, this is a good indication that the issue lies with the Web browser cache & cookies, and we would suggest having them clear them from “All time”.

Best Regards,
Cody Bentley

It’s multiple users, and I was trying it with the Bluescape App - that can’t be incognito can it?
But will try out the incognito web option with a few users and will get back to you.

hm, we created a new link (the other, though set to expire in March, had expired), and tried again in the app, an incognito window and a regular window, and after entering the password in all three the submit button still isn’t working, but just hitting the enter key does.
Very strange, but at least we have a work around for our team to access their board.

Hi @Cara ,

Thank you for clarifying that you are using the Desktop application. The Desktop application is an electron-wrapped client of the Web version. I tested the “View only” link on the desktop application and can confirm that I cannot reproduce the issue they are experiencing. Please ensure the affected users are running the latest version of Bluescape, clear the cache, and perform a force reload before trying to access the “View only” link. To do so, they can perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the Bluescape application.
  2. Exit any existing workspaces that are open in the application by clicking the “X” next to the name.
  3. Select “Help” at the top in the utility bar, and click “Check for updates”.
  4. After checking for updates, click “View” and select “Clear Cache” then “Force Reload”.
  5. Select “File” and “Quit Bluescape” before trying to access the “View only” link again.

The Bluescape application also has a cache folder that can be located in the following file path: C:\Users<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Bluescape and cleared manually by deleting the folder.

If the issue persists, I would be more than happy to create a Support ticket and schedule a call with a screen share session with one of the affected users and you.

Best Regards,
Cody Bentley

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