Recovering an Archived Workspace

Support Note
This functionality requires assistance from our Support team. If you wish to unarchive a workspace in your Organization, please Reply to this topic.

An archived workspace can only be recovered if you know its workspace ID, which is contained in the URL of the workspace.

For example, OeBSAuDIOI_i7Nd1jow2DT4 .

Recovering the Workspace ID

Recovery Method #1

Check the link in the invitation email sent to users. If you have been invited to the workspace, the workspace ID is contained in the URL associated with the Access Workspace button. To view the URL, right-click the button, select the Copy link address option, then paste it into a Notepad document.

After finding the workspace ID using this method, reply to this topic to begin the process of recovering the workspace.

Note: The email invitation contains an email subject line that says, “You have been invited to join Bluescape, so jump right in!”

Recovery Method #2

If you know the date or date range during which the workspace was archived, provide this when you have been connected with a Support agent and request that they search through the database logs to try and identify the workspace ID.

Note: Database logs are only stored for 30 days, so this method will not work if the workspace was archived outside of that timeframe.

Note: Archived workspaces are different than deleted workspaces. Once a workspace has been deleted, it is unrecoverable.

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