Workspace Toolbar for Large Displays

After you send a workspace to a large display, you can begin working in it, collaborating with, or presenting to your colleagues. Read an overview about Bluescape for Large Displays.

The workspace toolbar on a large touchscreen resembles your experience via Bluescape’s web client and desktop application. The same features are available, plus a few additional functions.

The following additional options appear on your toolbar:

Option Description
:volume: Control the volume for meetings, videos, and live streams.
:gather_toolbars: Gather the workspace toolbars to a specific area on the large display.
:return_to_lobby: Exit the workspace and return to the lobby screen.

Related Questions

  • How do I save a workspace created on a large display?
    You can claim the workspace when you are ready to save it. Read about Claiming a workspace from a large display.

  • Can I add comments to an object on a large display?
    Yes, you can. The author of the comments will be the display name. Read about Commenting on Assets.

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