Using File Picker for Ci Media Cloud

Enterprise-tier Team Administrators can integrate a file picker for Ci Media Cloud into Bluescape for users in the Team to view, select, and import assets.

This feature allows you to view and navigate your folder structure in your Ci Media Cloud and add up to a total of 125 videos, images, and documents for use with in-workspace tools.

Configuring the file picker

Expand to learn how to configure Ci Media Cloud in Bluescape

Administrators can configure Ci Media Cloud in Bluescape using the following instructions:

  1. Open Bluescape Home and go to Workspace Settings > Digital asset management integrations > Manage “Ci”

  2. Advanced Features Toggle on Enable Media finder to open the Setup fields

  3. Connection Name is the end user-facing name that appears from the File Picker (can be renamed later)

  4. From your Sony Ci used by GCC, the data needed for the fields are:

Using the file picker

  1. On the workspace toolbar, select :add_content: (Add content).

  2. Select :file_picker: (File picker). A window opens containing thumbnail previews where you can access a folder or select individual files.

  3. Select a file or browse a folder to select a video, image, or document you want to add to your workspace.
    Note: Adding entire folders and multi-file selection is also supported.

  4. Once you have selected all the files you want to work with, select Add files.

    Once your media uploads to the workspace, you can use the workspace tools to modify and collaborate on the content.

Supported file types

For more information on supported file types, see File Upload Types and Limitations.

Unsupported file types

Currently, unsupported file types appear as icons. If the file type is not supported in Bluescape, you can add the file to the workspace, and the icon links out to the original file location. You may need to log on to your Ci Media Cloud account to access the file.

Obtaining access to your custom file picker

If you are an Enterprise tier user, you can Reply to this topic to engage Bluescape Support to obtain access to a custom file picker in your environment.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: