Long Press Menu Appears when Using a Stylus with the Always Draw Option Set to On

In Bluescape, when using a stylus with the Always draw function toggled on, the long-press menu appears consistently.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a workspace on a touch device.

  2. Set the Always draw function to “on”.

  3. Start to draw lines using your stylus.

Expected result

Lines appear as expected when the line tool is selected.

Observed result

The line you are creating does not release until you tap the pen to the screen again. If you attempt to draw a shape using a hotkey, only lines appear instead of the desired shape. If you attempt to use the :pan: (Pan) tool, only lines appear.


  • Only open the quick menu when a specific function needs to be executed, rather than doing it anytime you hold the pencil down.
  • Use the pen to draw shapes when the shape tool is selected.
  • Use the hand tool to pan.

This issue is resolved in the 23.11.1 Bluescape update.

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