Create Frameless Iframes

API users can now create a frameless browser object in Bluescape workspaces.

To create a frameless browser:

  1. Create a browser object using Rest or GraphQL.

  2. Set the frameless property to true.

  3. In the selected workspace, the browser object does not have the following:

    • Title bar
    • URL bar
    • Element toolbar

Note: The frameless property can only be set when an object is created. The rotation tool and corner resize anchors are hidden for frameless objects. Existing browser elements with the frameless property set to true will not display the Title bar, URL bar, and Element toolbar.


As a REST curl call:

curl --location --request POST '{workspaceId}/elements' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <yourToken>' \
--data '{
    "type": "Browser",
    "transform":{"x":0, "y":0},
    "url": ""

As a GraphQL mutation:

mutation createBrowserExample {
    createBrowser(workspaceId: "I99zElvTnOVZtLISix-D", input: {
        style: {frameless: true},
        transform:{x:0, y:0},
        url: ""
    }) {

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