Feature Request: Viewport API

We build our application on top of Bluescape platform and use embedded links to integrate BS workspace in our app using iframes

There are some use cases that we need to control workspace viewport. We need to move workspace to specific position and change zoom level.

Consider we want to focus to a specific element. Currently we add objectId query param to the embedded URL as a temporary workaround. This approach leads to refreshing the workspace page as we change iframe URL.

I would like to ask please provide a GraphQL API and let us to control viewport by moving the pan and changing the zoom level.

We need to do this for the current session not for the whole workspace, I mean if multiple users are using the workspace at the same time we want to control them independently.

Perhaps we can achieve this by adding a query param to the iframe URL by sharing an ID as session ID. Let say we add sessionId query param.

By calling the requested API and passing sessionId, We can ask BS server to forward it for BS client and then control a specific viewport

Hi @Amerehei,

Thanks for the feedback and the feature request for viewport API. I have already submitted this feature request to our product team, and will need to follow up.

What is the priority of this feature request?


@kkoechley I double checked with my manager. it’s a critical priority feature

Thanks for confirming, I’ve passed this on and will let you know with any updates.

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