Users are not able to duplicate a template workspace

For some reason, one of the sessions I’ve set up as a Template is not allowing others to duplicate it. Has anyone run into this issue (it was working fine until recently).

Welcome to the community, @Yoel_Berznoger! We’re happy to see you here :slight_smile:

Are you referring to the ability for others to duplicate an entire workspace they have been added to? I believe this was set up as a custom role in your organization. Can you share what workspace roles are available for you to select?

Hey @Yoel_Berznoger

The ‘template’ role was depreciated when we implemented template sharing within the workspace.

There are two options available to achieve the outcome you are looking for.

  1. Save the content as a custom template and then share the template with team members. The beauty of this is they can place the template in any new or existing workspace.

  2. Work with your organization admin to create a custom workspace role that mimics the old template role. Members added with this role could view and duplicate the entire workspace.

I recommend option 1 as it provides more flexibility and control over shared content. :smiley:


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