Create an Overview of All Active and Planned Objectives

What do you do when you need to track a number of objectives? How do you align resources to achieve common goals when you oversee multiple programs, projects, or missions?

Here is an example of using Bluescape for situational awareness, based on a video game simulating multiple spaceship activities - the Kerbal Space Program (KSP).

What is KSP? Watch the game trailer if you’re interested.

I used Bluescape to track and organize multiple in-flight space missions with dependencies. :smiley:

While actual space object tracking would happen with specialized hardware and software, mission planning demands an overview of all active and planned missions. This could be grouped by sphere of influence for a larger operation.

Why mission control matters to you

Traditionally, overviews of this nature would be done with a big corkboard and pinned notes. Alternatively, Bluescape provides a modern digital solution that can also store relevant media uploads (the KSP delta-v map is essential reference material, which I used to have a printout of).

Examples of those who might benefit from visual situational awareness of this nature include:

  • Pandemic intervention or prevention
  • Government space agencies
  • Private rocket companies
  • Software development (a typical example might include scrum)
  • Property development companies
  • Managing product design, development or manufacturing, and marketing
  • Managing multiple group projects for post-secondary students
  • Home renovation or house flipping
  • KSP players (like me)

In these scenarios, Bluescape offers crucial adaptability necessary to successful situational leadership.

How to set up a mission control board

  1. Identify external systems/stakeholders and any limitations.
  2. Create a dedicated Bluescape workspace to pull in resources (e.g., I uploaded a PNG image of the delta-v map) and other content from various sources (hardware, software, etc.) that provide context on pieces of the whole picture or guidance on potential solutions.
  3. Use canvases to build out focus areas within the workspace, each intended to help you get an overview of the situation by combining information from all other sources.

  4. Invite collaborators and key stakeholders to increase awareness, gather insights, and discuss the next steps.
  5. Add workspace elements to organize and visualize all the moving pieces.


Tips to visually plan your suite of projects

One way to set up a single-workspace overview would be to use Templates - Bluescape includes one called “Project Planning.” :+1: One way to bring them all together, though, would be to color code each project template, then delete the timeline from all but one, and create one master timeline for improved birds-eye visibility on resource allocation and objective progress.

If you’re interested in trying out one of the Kerbal Space Program games, here’s a complete video tutorial playlist that can guide you through your newest (virtual) adventure into space! I don’t watch many YouTube videos of KSP tips, but there are lots of them, and some players might want their favorites embedded, too.

Final thoughts

Future versions of KSP, which may have multiplayer, may have the ability to share and collaborate remotely on the missions will be vital.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: