Best Templates to Hold Productive Meetings

Setting the groundwork for having effective meetings is the key to having desirable outcomes for you and your team. These meeting templates will help you and your team get the most out of your daily, weekly, and monthly meetings.

Team Meeting

Having a detailed, concise template for a meeting that involves a larger group of people is critical to staying on track. The Team Meeting template allows you and your team to place meeting topics, updates, action items, decisions, and guest speaker notes in one space.

Project Meeting

Need to keep track of the decision-making and actionable points when planning a project with your team? Our Project Meeting template can solve this problem for you.

The Project Meeting template is workspace-ready for you and your team’s topics, notes, action items, and decisions for a project. You can use this template to prepare for a meeting, capture critical decisions, and what tasks to work on after the meeting ends.

Simple Meeting

For short, straightforward meeting templates, a Simple Meeting template will help you track status updates for tasks, sub-tasks, or a project. The Simple Meeting template provides a clear framework to cover the key parts of a meeting:

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting Attendees
  • Meeting Content
  • Notes
  • Next Steps

Tip: You can upload documents, videos, or spreadsheets into the Agenda section to keep track of your resources.

Weekly Huddle

Need a template for you and your team that meets weekly? The Weekly Huddle template is perfect for small groups that meet frequently or are working together on a project.

You can capture key topics under Agenda, gain updates from your team under Team Updates, and action items from your Weekly Huddle.

Basic Meeting

Keeping meetings short and straight to the point is the goal of the Basic Meeting template. If you want to capture plans, meeting participants, and important notes from a general-purpose meeting, then the Basic Meeting template will help you.

Daily Standup Meeting

If you and your team meet or scrum daily, the Daily Standup meeting helps keep track of each person’s tasks through status updates. For example, you can meet quickly for 15 minutes each day to cover:

  • What has been completed since the previous day?
  • What is your plan for today?
  • What obstacles do we potentially face that we need to be mindful of?

Tip: You can place sticky notes under each category for feedback or review.

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